Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rush Hour at 19th and Bainbridge

19th & Bainbridge Nighttime Timelapse from Michael Burlando on Vimeo.

This is one of my first timelapse efforts, done the day that I got the remote and tripod. It's a simple shot from our balcony overlooking the intersection of 19th & Bainbridge Streets in Philadelphia. It covers a period of one hour from 5-6 pm on a frigid January evening. I took a 1.3 second shot every three seconds with my Canon EOS Rebel XSi every three seconds over that hour to make this video.

The longer exposure time gave some great drag effects which really seems to help to give the video a continuous look. From pedestrians and traffic zipping along, to parking spaces being vacated and filled, along with the regular arrivals of the 17 bus, it's amazing just how much goes on at any given intersection over the course of a rush hour.

You can click through to Vimeo to watch the Video in full HD.