Thursday, February 16, 2012

Temple Student Residences - Timelapse #1

I made a quick timelapse of the work on Temple's new student residences at Broad & Cecil B. Moore yesterday morning. Workers were placing the formwork for the fifth floor slab, which should be poured tomorrow. Click through to Vimeo for the full 1080p experience.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Worth Checking Out: Feltron Annual Reports

From the 2007 Feltron Annual Report.

A chronic recorder of personal data (and extremely talented graphic designer), Nicholas Felton has been producing elegant reports of the minutia of his life for the last five years. The results are as engrossing as they are pretty. He's got a special knack for identifying the right data to record, be it drinks consumed, animals eaten, or modes of transport used, but it's his ability to synthesize and present all that great data that makes such an engaging portrait of an average year in an average life. 

This combination of data and presentation is now available to everyone as well, through Felton's website, which allow users to track and graph just about anything they can come up with. This is a site I can really get in trouble with... the only question is what to record?