Thursday, April 16, 2009


A blog is essentially an exercise in boredom. Bored people create blogs, then bored people read them. Having recently achieved that nirvana state of boredom that we call Unemployment, there was no choice but for me to channel my boredom into creating a chronicle of my boredom.

So. What does one do when one has nothing to do? (Other than start a blog, of course) We so often pine for the freedom to do whatever we want, yet now that I am in a position nearing true freedom, I struggle to find things to fill my day. I read, I philosophize, I bike and walk and do errands. But much of the clarity of purpose is missing. Before, I was Architect. What to do with my days was simple. Go to office. Build buildings. Eat. Sleep. While I miss the structure and simplicity that employment offered in retrospect, I have stumbled upon a real challenge: what do I want to do? Not in a big, overarching sense. In time, the economy will improve and I will resume my career.

The question of what to do is of a more immediate nature. I have, relatively speaking, complete freedom. I am compelled to do virtually nothing. My basic needs are covered. I have financial security (a byproduct of a lifetime of cheapness), but I don't have the budget for big undertakings. So, with the city of Chicago utterly accessible to me with my feet, bicycle, and CTA Card, I ask myself, "Self, what shall we do?"

As I answer this question, each day, I hope to find answers that alleviate my boredom. With any luck the answers I find will be of enrichment and interest to me and, by extension, the readers of this blog. Hopefully, my quest to alleviate my boredom will alleviate yours.

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