Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Academy of Music Chandelier

The Academy of Music Chandelier from high above. (Kimmel Center Flikr)

We went to see the Pennsylvania Ballet production of Swan Lake at the Academy of Music on Broad Street last night. The evening marked my first visit to the Academy which is a truly beautiful space - one that Philadelphia is very lucky to have. One of our favorite aspects of the theater is the fact that the grand chandelier raises and lowers to come in and out of view at each intermission. We were sitting in the nosebleeds and got a fine view of it during both intermissions. The chandelier, 20 feet tall, and 12 feet in diameter was originally gas-lit, and has been in the building since it opened in 1857. This evening I found some great up close shots of said chandelier during a $1.75 million 2007 restoration. You can view the full set on the Kimmel Center's Flikr here.

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