Friday, November 12, 2010


Well. Judging from the time between postings, this blogging thing never really got off the ground last year. The intervening months saw plenty of changes - new jobs, old jobs, hirings, firings, cohabitations, moves, trips, and all the trials and delights that come with living life. Biggest of all changes is one of scenery. My great manifest destiny, go-west-young man experiment in Chicago has come to an end. It is most certainly a change of circumstance, not a reaction to the people and the place. I loved each of the 760 days that I lived in Chicago. Each brought something new and engaging and wonderful.

So. Goodbye, Chicago. Hello again, Philadelphia. Back to the city of my birth and education. As I tell people (likely too often) I'm back in Philadelphia mostly because I wanted to see if my girlfriend was as smart as me. I suggested that she apply to my beloved alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, mainly to see if she could get in. Of course, it turns out that she is far smarter than me and coasted right on in. Sadly, my choice to join her in Philadelphia resulted in another bout of the Unemployment. So, back to the blogs, I suppose.

I am happy to be back here. All of the things that I loved about Philly the first time around remain, including many of my friends. And, with the blessing and curse of time on my hands, I'm getting to explore plenty of new things that I missed at the first go. So, we'll give this another shot. I'm hoping to do a better service to my interests this time around. I need an outlet to record and share the things that I enjoy and find wonder in. So this time, more photos, more walks, more city, more maps, more lectures, more books, more real estate, and most - importantly - more posts. Hopefully the next one will take less than 18 months to germinate.

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