Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions 2011

Apparently, new research shows that women are 10% more likely to succeed in achieving their New Year's resolutions if they make them public. I'm not sure why this is only true for women in the study, but it seems to make a lot of sense. I don't think I've ever even written down a resolution. This can't be helping my success rate. I might even be achieving goals that I completely forgot that I set. Hopefully a good list, and the accountability of a never-read corner of the internet will allow me to realize all my dreams in 2011. So, here's a few things that I like to do in the coming year.
  1. Run in three road races of 5k or more. One of these must be the 10-mile, fun-looking Broad Street Run.
  2. Continue my Gmap-Pedometer Project through all of 2011. I've been recording all of my travels by foot or bicycle each day, using Gmap-Pedometer. I've got some ideas about how all of this data could make for some interesting projects in the coming year.
  3. Refinish the cedar chest coffee table. This could be a great piece of furniture if I can get it cleaned up.
  4. Visit Forest Hills Gardens in Queens. I've read lots about this garden city development, but never been, despite the fact it's only a couple of hours away. Let's get there this year.
  5. Read more than 15,000 pages. Based on the reading I've done in the last couple of years, I think that this is a reasonable challenge for 2011.
  6. Learn how to do time-lapse photography. I've always loved time-lapses, and I now have most of the tools I need to make it happen. I'd love to do one a month, no matter the quality, each month this year.
  7. Do a nice, big water color elevation of a historic building in Philadelphia. I never finished the one of the Lehigh President's House that I started during undergrad, and always regretted it. I love drafting by hand and I miss it. The Juniper seems like a great candidate for this.
  8. Make a great vegetable garden. Our attempts at windowsill gardening went pretty much nowhere last year, but we've got much more to work with this season, given the size of our back deck in Philly. Corollary to this one: make and use a worm bin, despite Audrey's protestations.
  9. Make a habit of blogging. Post at least once a week, on whatever I'm working on or just anything that's grabbed my interest during a given week.
  10. Do at least one big group bicycle ride. The MS150 was a lot fun the two years that I did it, and I'd love to do that, the ACS Ride, or the New York Five Boro Tour again this year.
  11. Make a tile and mirror mural on the back deck, a la Isiah Zagar. I've always loved this type of mural, and we have the perfect canvas, and even some of the materials to get us started.
  12. Finally, make a point of recording my ideas for projects or activities. Historically, I have not wanted for ideas, only for follow through. If recording ideas helps me to take even one of them from concept to reality, it'd be well worth it.

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